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Mayer I. Trobman, DO has over 42yrs in medicine and is our on site physician, we have the best physicians on staff to perform life changing procedures. It is our goal to bring to our patients, drug-free, surgery-free alternative treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and Male Enhancement. GAINSWave Protocol is a scientifically proven procedure that uses pulsed-wave energy to improve sexual performance.

Our Team 1

Mayer I. Trobman, DO of Florida Medical Group has 42 years of experience in Lifestyle Medicine and 20 years of experience in anti-aging, holistic and integrative medicine. His background includes nutritional medicine, sports medicine, hypnotherapy, and mind body medicine. Since becoming acquainted with Swiss Wave treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and after review of research utilizing Swiss Wave LIST therapy, Dr. Trobman recognizes that Swiss Wave is an effective treatment for ED in about 70-80% of patients.

Q. What is the GAINSWave and how does it differ from other forms of treatment?

A. GAINSWave was developed in Europe and is considered the “Gold Standard” for ED treatment according to the European Association of Urology. There are no lasting or harmful side effects. No needles, no medication and no surgeries.The GAINSWave Protocol is a long-term resolution for erectile dysfunction. It uses Low Intensity Sonic Therapy to treat the underlying cause of ED by restoring blood flow to the penis.

Q. What Are the Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

A. Erectile Dysfunction, (ED) is a failure to achieve or maintain an erection. It can be caused by a variety of ailments including Diabetes, Cardio-Vascular diseases, Obesity, Neurological Diseases or Trauma. Other causes include certain prescription medications (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, antidepressants, alcoholism and substance abuse, prostate cancer or enlarged prostate, depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions.

Q. What are the available treatments for ED?

A. Prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra help to dilate blood vessels that supply the penis. Unfortunately, forty to fifty percent of men stop using these drugs either because of a lack of efficacy or because of the side effects or contraindications that are associated with them.

There are also alternative treatments available like Vacuum constriction devices; Injections; MUSE pellets or, most extremely Penile Prosthetic Surgery. All of these treatments give temporary relief of symptoms without treating the root cause of ED and can have severe side effects including penile pain, fibrosis or priapism.

Our Team 2

Irena is a board certified nurse practitioner specializing in wellness, integrative medicine, and anti-aging. She treats patients holistically and assists healthcare practitioners from all over the USA to incorporate integrative medical principles into their practices.

She is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and Sigma Theta Tau and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies. She works with one of the founders and experts in integrative medicine, stem cells, and anti-aging, Dr. Mitchell Ghen.

She practices functional diagnostics and therapies such as hormone replacement, intravenous nutrition, detoxification, and appropriate use of supplements. Irena uses functional therapeutic interventions alongside conventional medical treatments to assist patients achieve optimal health outcomes.

  • Consultation

    Come in for a consultation with our trained medical staff, start your journey towards a rejuvinated sex life! Florida Medical Group is the first step to rejuvenation.

  • Treatment

    Post assessment of your condition you'll work one on one with our staff to come up with a treatment regiment personalized to your individual needs.

  • Results

    Be prepared for a nearly immediate life change, often patients see results of the treatment the very same day. Say welcome back to a great part of your life!

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